Northern Kenya is a place where culture, wilderness and wildlife combine to give visitors the experience of a lifetime. The reputation of northern Kenya has been transformed by a community-driven determination to secure their land, maintain peace, protect the environment and preserve diverse cultures.

As conservancies develop, more opportunities appear for communities to partner with tourism investors. At the same time, poaching and regional insecurity continues to decrease. All this is good news for the tourism industry, which currently accounts for a significant percentage of Kenya’s GDP. 

Northern Kenya is home to some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, as well as several highly endangered species. Elephant, lion, Grevy’s zebra, Beisa oryx and countless others are thriving as rangelands, security and conservation awareness improve. Community-operated sanctuaries in three conservancies are among only a handful in Africa, and are playing a significant part in endangered species conservation. Black rhino, hirola and Rothschild’s giraffe are all benefitting from targeted intervention from conservancies, who in turn stand to benefit from ecotourism. 

Adventure tourism here is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets; with horse riding, quad biking, rock climbing, camel trekking and mountain biking set against the backdrop of towering mountains, indigenous forests and endless savannah. Support from NRT Trading's tourism department - AdventureWORKS - is helping conservancies to develop long-term agreements with investors and promote tourism in northern Kenya. Conservancy and bed-night fees are split 60:40, with 60% of the revenue going into community projects such as school bursaries, water pumps and infrastructure. The other 40% goes towards the annual operating costs of the conservancy, such as rangers’ salaries.

It is the aim of AdventureWORKS to help put northern Kenya on the tourism maps and to help facilitate travel for people of many backgrounds and interests in this unique and exciting destination.

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