We work with

27 communities


manage an area

greater than

31,000 kms2

Current Feature

Jan 22 2015

Talk About Peace

Less guns - more dialogue. This is the story of the NRT peace team. Read More

Jan 20 2015

More Cash for Cattle

Peace, healthy livestock, improved livelihoods and wildlife conservation are inextricably linked in northern Kenya. The Livestock to Market Programme aims to purchases livestock from pastoralists in northern Kenya in order to improve conservation in the region. Last year, NRT bought over 754,000 USD worth of cattle from 11 community conservancies, directly benefiting 1, 063 households in these communities. Read More

Jan 16 2015

Giraffes in the Shadows

How helping elephants is also helping protect a species you didn’t know is in trouble. An article by TNC's Misty Herrin. Read More

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