innovation in wildlife monitoring

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The Conservancy Management Monitoring System (CoMMS) is a simple, cost-effective way for conservancies to collect and monitor trends in wildlife behaviour, illegal activities, wildlife mortality and human wildlife conflict.. It also enables them to collect information on social attitudes towards wildlife and conservation. This data helps conservancies to shape and adapt their management approach, highlighting priorities, successes and sometimes failures.

Instead of requiring scientists to come and collect this data, CoMMS is a ranger-based monitoring system. NRT provides conservancy rangers with CoMMS training, which enables them to collect data from their patrols and upload it to a centralised database. This is accessible to all conservancies as well as the NRT Monitoring & Evaluation team and the Kenya Wildlife Service. CoMMS elephant data is now also being used as part of the CITES Monitoring of Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) programme. 

NRT has developed a comprehensive set of guides to support Wildlife-CoMMS training, implementation and practical day-to-day delivery. These guides can be accessed in the document library