The Northern Rangelands Trust supports 39 community conservancies across northern and coastal Kenya. Together, we are changing the game; supporting communities to govern their wild spaces, identify and lead development projects, build sustainable economies linked to conservation, spearhead peace efforts to mend years of conflict, and shape government regulations to support it all. 

As institutions, community conservancies not only give people a voice, but provide a platform for developing sustainable enterprise and livelihoods either directly or indirectly related to conservation

Northern Kenya is a very different landscape now to the one it was ten years ago. Community conservancies are changing the narrative - a region once infamous for conflict and poaching is now at the forefront of community-led development, enterprise and peace efforts, all inextricably linked to the protection of its incredible wildlife and landscapes. 

Conserving natural resources



drop in the proportion of illegally killed elephants in community conservancies since 2012


community-run endangered species sanctuaries for elephants, black rhino, hirola and giraffe 


annual population growth of critically endangered hirola in the community-run Ishaqbini Sanctuary

ami-elephant copy 2.png

NRT member community conservancies work to conserve wildlife and sustainably manage the grassland, forest, river and marine ecosystems upon which livelihoods depend.