10,000 Kgs of Litter Cleared from Beaches as Kiunga Conservancy Leads The Fight Against Plastic

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The community in Kiunga Conservancy at the coast have spent three weeks cleaning up plastic from their beaches in partnership with Safari Doctors. Working in teams, they collected an incredible 10,000 kilograms of plastic and other non-biodegradable waste from areas that provide critical turtle and fisheries habitat.

Kiunga Community Conservancy promised a reward for the team that collected the most waste - which went to the Solar Women’s Group who collected 2,000 kgs.

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“Marine litter, especially plastics, is a global issue” says NRT’s Regional Director for the Coast, Isa Gedi. “Communities in Kiunga who depend the ocean for their livelihoods see this as a threat, not only to the marine habitat but also to their health and wellbeing.”

The community have proposed to construct a plastic collection and recycling centre during the next clean up phase. “We hope that community plastic recycle plants will enable us to produce poles and bricks that will also contribute to the housing and manufacturing sector” says Isa.

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Sophie Harrison