NRT Trading (NRTT) is a social enterprise owned by NRT. NRTT’s vision is to build sustainable businesses and resilient commercial activity across northern Kenya, improving the economic status of households and communities and providing commercial revenue to conservancies.

NRTT focuses on:

  1. Identifying, incubating, piloting and operating sustainable businesses that create jobs, increase incomes and generate commercial revenue for conservancies.

  2. Building skills and changing attitudes so that people and communities achieve economic resilience and empowerment through jobs, entrepreneurship and enterprise development.

  3. Connecting people and communities with economic opportunity and business partners.

  4. Contributing directly to conservancy economy to support healthy communities and preserve Kenya’s wildlife.

To accomplish its objectives, NRT Trading engages in three distinct lines of work:

  • NRTT businesses: Developing and operating stand-alone, conservation-linked businesses, such as LivestockWORKS and BeadWORKS.

  • Conservancy businesses: Helping to develop conservancy-based businesses (such as tourism) by building commercial capacity within the conservancies, attracting investors and brokering agreements with commercial operators.

  • Group and individual enterprises: Diversifying and increasing household income through skill development, job opportunities, and access to finance and mentoring through the Nabulu Economic Empowerment Programme and the Northern Rangelands SACCO.

Meet the Trading Team

  • Garry Cullen: Chief Executive Officer, NRT Trading

  • Vishal Shah: CFO, NRT Trading, BeadWORKS Director

  • Beatrice Lemparia: BeadWORKS Production Manager

  • Patrick Ekodere: LivestockWORKS Director

  • Ture Boru: Community Economic Empowerment Director

  • Rufo Roba: Tourism and BeadWORKS Officer