BeadWORKS partners with established women’s groups in conservancies to help them turn their traditional craft skills into a viable, sustainable business. There are over 1,000 women in nine conservancies now involved in the business, making beaded jewellery, trinkets and accessories. With support from NRT Trading, these products are sold to customers in the USA, UK and Australia and online via the BeadWORKS website


Income from BeadWORKS, combined with the financial services and technology training provided by NRT Trading, is transforming the lives of many women who are fast becoming role models in their communities. Star Beaders - charged with quality control and ensuring deadlines are met - are now leading savings groups and connecting women to credit cooperatives.

In a landscape where women struggle to access education and move beyond traditional household roles, the women of BeadWORKS are challenging norms, inspiring others and becoming entrepreneurs in their own right.