Leaving a legacy to community conservation - Kristin Bauer Van Straten

True Blood star amends her will to include the Northern Rangelands Trust after a life-changing trip to Kenya.

What do vampires and poaching have in common? They both suck. 

Not many could make the link between vampires and conservation, but actress Kristin Bauer van Straten certainly does. When she isn’t playing the blunt and calculating vampire Pam De Beaufort in the award-winning US TV series True Blood, Kristin pursues her passion for conservation and animal rights.

 Kristin as Pam De Beaufort in an HBO shoot for True Blood

Kristin as Pam De Beaufort in an HBO shoot for True Blood

In 2012, Kristin and her husband came to Kenya to film a documentary about elephant and rhino poaching. During this time, they visited Namunyak Community Conservancy, where Kristin learned about the NRT model of community conservation.

Writing on her blog about her time here, Kristin said “we cannot save people without also saving the wildlife. They do not exist separately and neither do we…To be the best we can be, we cannot just think of our own species, life is not actually segregated.”

Kristin was so taken by the community conservation model, and the people she met in Namunyak, that she decided to include NRT in her will. We hope her story will help inspire others to take similar action. 

Now in the final stages of editing, Kristin hopes to use the film she shot in Kenya to raise awareness and support for conservation initiatives, in particular those that aim to reduce poverty and empower local people through conservation.

“My goal is to shine the light on the absolutely heroic people of Kenya who save lives every day and for us to learn how we can help them save the kindest most sentient beings I’ve ever seen.” Kristin said.

Her bequest, that will see a percentage of Kristin’s estate donated to NRT’s work in northern Kenya, is a gift that complements her tireless activism today, while supporting sustainable conservation in the future.

“I've still got a piece of my heart and one foot firmly planted in Kenya with the remarkable wildlife and people we met.”

If you've been inspired to include NRT in your will, see our support page to find out more. 



Kristin uses her social media platforms (both as herself and her fictional character Pam) to advocate for animal welfare, and the speak out against poaching and the illegal wildlife trade