Josphine Ekiru awarded Head of State Commendation

NRT's Peace Coordinator Josphine Ekiru was last week awarded a Head of State Commendation by the Isiolo County Commissioner, George Natembeya. 

Head of State Commendations are awarded in recognition of outstanding or distinguished services rendered to the nation in various capacities and responsibilities. Josphine has spearheaded peace-building in NRT Centre conservancies over the past few years. In a short space of time, she has started to have a real impact on bringing fighting ethnicities, clans, and morans (young warriors) together to solve their differences through dialogue and develop mutual respect and understanding.

With a humble approach, yet based on deep understanding, she formed and led an NRT multi-ethnic team of respected elders to spearhead dialogue; and she has effectively engaged County and National Government on matters of peace. Well done Josphine Ekiru, HSC! 

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