Garry Cullen - Chief Executive Officer, NRT Trading

Garry’s father worked for the Kenyan Government and as a result he had a nomadic upbringing. In 1971 Garry pursued a career as a professional golfer at just 16 years old, and spent the next 14 years playing the European, Caribbean and African tournament circuits. He returned to settle in Kenya after getting married, but his passion for sport hadn’t subsided. He moved to Watamu on the Kenyan coast – one of the best big game fishing bases in Africa – where he worked at Hemmingways hotel and pursued his love for fishing in his spare time. He spent 26 years at Hemmingways, which took him to the Maasai Mara, where he worked with local landowners to manage Naboisho Conservancy and set up Ol Seki Hemmingways camp. He used the skills he learned in the Mara to found the Galana Wildlife Conservancy, which borders Tsavo East National Park and acts as a buffer zone for wildlife. Garry now heads up NRT Trading, which encompasses the BeadWORKS and livestock programmes, among others.

Ture Boru - Community Economic Empowerment Director, NRT Trading

Ture developed a passion for community empowerment early in life as a village volunteer, discovering the power of making genuine, positive change in people’s lives – including his own life and career path. As a resident of Northern Kenya who witnessed first-hand the successes and failures of development interventions, Ture has a strong insight and commitment in working with transparent organizations, particularly those who help the most marginal communities. For over 16 years Ture has worked with organizations including: World Bank funded Arid Lands Resource Management Project, the Kenyan government’s Youth Enterprise Development Fund, and now NRT Trading for community enterprises. The combined experience across the development spectrum has enabled Ture to specialize in designing tools which improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance accountability in start-ups as well as established organizations. Ture’s skills enhance the ability of NRT Trading to drive economic empowerment initiatives for the NRT conservancy communities, in particular the BeadWORKS artisans, and young warriors (morans), promoting the culture of self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Ture is an experienced accountant, development worker, manager, trainer and strategy expert, and holds a Masters degree in International Business Administration in Strategic Management from the United States International University-Africa.

Patrick Ekodere – Livestock Director

Patrick is a seasoned animal health management and livestock marketing professional, with over 20 years of work experience acquired in wide ranging roles within the public and private sector. His wealth of knowledge in markets and livestock production have been accrued through his extensive work, particularly with NGOs, in the arid and semi-arid land (ASAL) areas. He has held senior management positions in different livestock institutions and organizations, and has vast experience of the livestock industry in Kenya. Patrick holds MBA in Strategic Management focusing on livestock marketing in pastoralist production systems, Bsc in Animal Health and Management and a diploma in Meat Science, Livestock Health and Livestock Production and Extension Services.

Beatrice Lempaira – BeadWorks

Beatrice is a Maasai, who worked as Conservancy Manager in Naibunga Community Conservancy for 5 years before joining BeadWORKS. Here she addressed community development, wildlife management, security, and rangeland management issues. But it was her enterprise development work with the women of Naibunga that inspired her to join the BeadWORKS team. She has invaluable experience in working with local communities of different ethnic backgrounds, and is passionate about finding a balance between livelihood support and sustainable use of the land. Beatrice focuses Beadworks production; monitoring the quality and efficiency of work, while working closely with producer groups to accept and appreciate sustainable business models. She has a degree in Economics and Sociology from the University of Nairobi.

Rufo Roba Halakhe – Business Administrator

Rufo is a graduate of Laikipia University with varied experience in media practice in Kenya. She has worked in the public sector, KBC, and also in the private sector with the Media Council of Kenya, The World Health Organization and SIFA FM Marsabit. Her exposure to different media environments, especially in Marsabit County, has helped shape her outlook on the communication needs of the society in which she serves and the opportunities that do exist.  She has vast experience working with the nomadic communities, and is passionate about improving livelihoods through building resilience and access to education.